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Wind, Hail And Roof Damage

Most of the time, homeowners may think that hail doesn’t affect their roof as much as it does. Even though the severity of the damage can vary according to the size of the hail, it always impacts the property.

If you are truly interested in knowing more about how hail can affect your roof, keep reading. Below you will find the consequences of ignoring wind and hail roof damage and what to do if you already noticed hints of roof hail damage in your home.

A Hail Lot Of Troubles 

Hail can damage your property (roof and other outdoors components included) in many ways, be it from little holes that may become leaks or breaking shingles, that is known. However, if you already experienced roof hail damage, here are some of the collateral damage a storm can cause:

  • Premature failure of a roof system.
  • Shingle granule loss.  
  • Exposed fiberglass mat.
  • Exposed Nails.
  • Exposed Fasteners.

All these reasons can lead to the deterioration of your roof, and you will have to spend big bucks replacing it. Your roof ends up being exposed to harmful UV rays from the sun that weakens the exposed area, and these spots can become leaks easily.

 Devils Roll The Dice, Wise Take Advice 

Most insurance companies will stipulate a time limit to claim it when it comes to wind and hail roof damage. Most of them have a one-year policy, but some will limit it to six months. 

If you let the knowledge of your roof being damaged pass by, you will have to cover all the expenses. Once you notice that little issue, you’ll realize it can create a major one alone. 

In this situation, contacting a professional company to inspect your roof is your best option. An expert can give you a better insight into your roof’s condition and what the next step should be. Don’t underestimate their value and opinion!

Hail-efficient Roofing Services In Grand Rapids 

Best Roofing and Construction is the most efficient premier roofing company specializing in wind and hail roof damage. We will take proper care of your system installation during our inspection. We will work with you to create a smart proposal depending on the job. 

Even if it’s a small leak, our team of experts will give their best to fix it. Don’t let hail damage pass by; we will help you counteract the aftermath. We work swiftly and efficiently, always having our clients in mind.