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What To Expect in A Roof Replacement Service

Over time, your roof may start to present cracked shingles, moss, dark streaks, and bald spots. All of these things are warning signs that indicate the need for a roof replacement.

Often, homeowners struggle with finding the right place to replace their roofs, and sometimes they don´t know what result to expect. If you want to learn more about the process of roof replacement, don´t miss this article. 

The Process For Roof Replacement In 7 Steps

Only a professional roofer will know when a roof needs to be repaired or replaced. It is important to rely on a roof replacement service that has the right technique to do it. Don´t feel intimidated by not knowing how the process works. 

Check out these seven steps that break down the roof replacement service in the Michigan Area. 

  1. Inspecting The Roof

The first step is to inspect the roof and have a clear picture of what is happening. This helps when determining how big the replacement will be. It’s important to have a detailed report and photos, to make the process easier. 

  1. Create A Plan

After inspecting the roof, based on the report, the team of experts proceeds to start working on the roof replacement. You can select roofing materials, colors, and any other feature that you would like on your roof. Once that’s done, they can proceed to create a quote for the roof replacement. 

  1. Remove The Current Roof

This is probably the longest process since it needs to be done very carefully to avoid any damages to other parts of the structure. In this step, everything is removed. 

  1. Inspect The Support Structures

Roofers are able to fully inspect the structure and framing when the old roof is removed. At this point, we can discover any problems that need to be addressed. If that´s the case, we update everything accordingly.  

  1. Install Moisture Barriers

Once the framing is good to go, we continue to install the underlayment. This keeps moisture out of the house and works as a defense against rain. Other waterproof structures can be installed as well.

  1. Place The Roofing Material

After doing all of the previous steps, it’s time to place the roofing material. In most cases, it´ll be some type of shingle. This step is pretty quick if you have the right tools for applying roof shingles. 

  1. Wrap Up

Wrapping up is the last step, taking care of small but important details. Once everything is as it should be, the team cleans up the site and ensures that there is no debris left behind. 

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