Things You Must Check To Ensure Your Roof Is Correctly Installed

Your home is one of your most valuable possessions. It’s essential to ensure that every aspect is in good condition, including the roof. A lousy roof installation can lead to several problems down the line, such as water damage and leaks.


This blog post will present you with key points to verify a sound roof installation and what a good roof installation should look like.

How to Tell If Your Roof Is Installed Correctly

Here are some key points to help you inspect your roof after the project. Even if you’re looking for potential contractors, use this guide to survey the quality levels of their previous jobs. 

Look For A Uniform Appearance

The eye test is the easiest way to check your roof installation. Your roofing contractor likely did a great job if it appears the same throughout its surface. Good roofers will take the time to make sure all the shingles are correctly aligned. By doing so, they can reduce the chances of leaks.

Roof Shingles Properly Installed

Asphalt shingles are among the most popular materials for roofing projects. Many contractors employ these shingles, but a few fail to use them correctly. You can spot these fail quickly since their sloppy appearance gives them away.


In addition, adequately installed shingles will age at the same rate if your contractor uses high-quality materials throughout the system.

Check The Flashing

Flashing is the material your contractor installs to redirect water away from leak-prone areas of your roof. Flashing installation secures the chimney, roof valleys, or skylights. A few weeks after the installation, check your flashings. Run water over your roof using a hose. If the water leaks, you should call back your roofing contractor to have it repaired.

Proper nailing or overhang shingles

Your roofing contractor must strategically position the nails on the roof to prevent the shingles from becoming loose. Poor nailing causes the nail to rust, eventually creating water leaks. When these shingles are anchored correctly, it is a sign of a high-quality job.

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