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In Grand Rapids, as soon as the weather turns warm, the backyard becomes the new family room. At Best Roofing, we create outdoor living spaces that add function and value to your home. Known for our stunning deck designs, we are confident our service will transform your Grand Rapids home.

Types of Decks

If you can dream it, we can build it. There is no deck design that is off limits for our expert team. We will work with you to custom design your deck so it enhances the look of your home and expands your living space. Below are the types of decks we build.

Wraparound Deck

Wraparound Deck

Think of this as a modern take on the wraparound porch. The difference is that the size and shape of porches are more uniform, they tend to be covered, and they aren't as elevated as a deck. With a wraparound deck, you maximize your entertainment space.

Multi-Tier Deck

Multi-Tier Deck

There is no rule that your deck has to be a single story. Multi-tier decks are ideal for homes with multiple floors and minimal outdoor space. We can also install them on homes where property changes elevation.

Attached Deck

Attached Deck

This is what most people picture when thinking about decks. It connects directly with the house and is slightly raised off the ground. These decks are easy to customize in terms of shape and size.

Detached Deck

Detached Deck

These decks look more like islands. We can place these anywhere on your property and then connect them to your home with stairs or a pathway. Detached decks are excellent options when there is no easy way to add a deck directly next to the house.

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop Deck

Rooftop decks can be placed on the roof of your home or over the garage, assuming you have a flat roof. These are most common in larger cities where construction styles lend themselves to rooftop decks and yard space is lacking.

Deck Materials

In addition to selecting a style of deck, you will need to decide which decking materials are right for your project. Thanks to advances in construction materials, there are more options than ever before. At Best Roofing, we offer Grand Rapids the following deck material options.

Pressure-Treated Wood

This decking material is chemically treated to protect it from rot, mold, and insects. It is an affordable material, but it requires a decent amount of upkeep.


If you want a natural option, it is hard to beat cedar. It's lightweight and strong, as well as naturally resistant to rot and insects. It does require yearly maintenance.


Composite decking and synthetics are made from wood fibers and recycled plastics. They require little maintenance beyond cleaning and are not impacted by rot or insects.


Aluminum decking is becoming more popular in recent years. It is very strong, not impacted by the weather, and impervious to insects and rot. Maintenance is nothing more than a good cleaning.

Dave Bard
Dave Bard
Called September 28 and then finally spoke with a Joe September 29 about a property i was contemplating purchasing, i needed a roof estimate before making a offer or maybe i didn't need a roof that soon, he was to look at it, being a professional expert. I never received a call back or email. So i called back was told the property needed a roof and he would email a estimate. I had to call back several times to no avail, even watched my spam mail but till this day i never received the needed estimate. I hope this is not a reflection of normal business practices of this organization.
Kim Jaglowski
Kim Jaglowski
I recommend them to my parents because they had the best price and the fastest install. They were very professional.
These guys were super friendly, very thorough and most importantly communicative. 5 days after signing the work agreement I already had a new roof. Other companies were more expensive and we’re scheduling out by nearly 2 months. Very happy with the project!
If you are looking to replace an existing deck or expand your outdoor living space, turn to Best Roofing.

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