Precautions Against Hurricanes: What You Must Know

Hurricanes are  some of the most fearsome natural disasters. They can cause  extensive damage to homes, public infrastructure,  and even take lives. Living in a location with proclivity to hurricanes can be quite a challenge. It’s not easy to see in the news all the time about people losing their homes and possessions to these disasters. 


They appear suddenly and often without warning, this is why one of the most important things you can do is have a plan in place in case a hurricane hits. Being prepared will  help you and your family stay safe, and will also help minimize damage to your home

Be Prepared!


In case you live in a location with high proclivity to hurricanes, here are some roofing tips that you must follow to stay safe:


Secure Windows, Vents, and Garage Door


Windows, vents, and garage doors can all be damaged by flying objects. Shutters are a useful precaution to take if your roof is destroyed; they will also shield you from further damage if your roof is ruined.

Have A Roof Inspection Done


Getting your roof inspected on time will  help you avoid any disasters. Inspectors will be able to identify any potential weak spots that could give way during a hurricane, for example: holes, loose or broken tiles, blocked gutters, and other

Choose The Optimal Roofing System


Hurricane-resistant roofs  are available in different styles and designs. Depending on the level of protection you require, you can choose from a variety of materials, including: impact-resistant glass, metal, concrete, and clay.

Secure Loose Objects


Loose items in your house surroundings might become deadly missiles. Garden furniture, outdoor items such as bicycles and children’s toys, and even cars may be picked up by high winds. Keeping them secure, or storing them in a safe place can result  in avoiding serious injuries.

Hurricane Damage? We Can Fix It In No Time


By providing your roof with regular maintenance you can reduce the level of damage it would receive during a hurricane. At Best Roofing and Construction we provide exceptional and careful residential roofing services to ensure your safety and protection during an emergency. For over 20 years our experienced contractors have been applying replacements and maintenance with top-quality products exceeding the industry standards.


If you’re needing help to prepare your roof for natural disasters, our specialists will examine your roof’s shape, attic conditions, check for loose shingles, trimming your trees if necessary, and provide all the necessary inspection to keep your roof ready. You can rely on us and our outstanding workmanship, when it comes to keep everything in good conditions, we’re the #1 residential roofing company providing the services you’re expecting.