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Understanding How Summertime Hazards Damage Your Roof

Summertime brings the perfect weather for outdoor activities, but it is not without risks. In addition to sunburns and bugs, one of the biggest hazards is how high temperatures, intense sunlight, and sporadic showers can all impact your roof system if they are not monitored carefully. Some of the most common heat-related factors that can cause long-term damage to roofs include UV light, high temperatures, and more.

In this blog post, we’ll discuss how summertime hazards, such as heat, affect your roof and why it’s important to be aware of heat-related damages to avoid future costly repairs, such as roof replacement or repairs. Continue reading!

4 Types Of Heat Damage To Your Roof

Roofs can suffer all sorts of damage when heat is not monitored and managed. Here are the main types of heat damage to your roof:

High Temperatures

On a scorching 90-degree day, the surface of your roof can become an inferno without proper protection. Unfortunately for homeowners with dark roofs, those temperatures can skyrocket to 150 degrees. Being exposed to this heat over time will cause serious damage and leave you needing costly repairs, so put some shade on that beautiful roof before it’s too late.

Thermal Shock

On hot summer days, your roof can feel like a sauna, but temperatures aren’t the only thing boiling. Sudden expansion and contraction of materials due to rapid daily temperature changes can cause stress on even the strongest roofs, resulting in weakened structures that are prone to warping or splitting over time.

UV Light

The summer sun can be a real pain for your roof. Even on the cloudiest days, UV light still penetrates and wreaks havoc on its materials, bleaching wood, buckling shingles, and drying out protective oils until it is dry as dust. Protect yourself from unwanted repairs by acknowledging that no roof is entirely safe from ultraviolet exposure when the season heats up.

High Humidity

Rising temperatures often bring the unwelcome companion of humid weather. Unfortunately, that higher moisture level can cause condensation underneath shingles and lead to water damage and potentially hazardous mold growth in your home.

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Now you know how heat affects roof systems, it’s time to take the appropriate steps to prevent heat-related damages from occurring. The best way to protect your roof is by calling professionals. At Best Roofing and Construction, we’re the most reliable roofing contractor in the area.

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