While the world and climate are changing, some things remain; one of them is the damage because of the elements. Wind and hail damage has been around for ages, be it injuring people or damaging properties. 

Also, roof hail damage is one of the most common reasons a roof may need to be replaced, so what can you do about it? 

Best Roofing Construction offers top-notch wind and hail damage services, no matter the severity of the aftermath; we will find a way to ensure your safety and home’s restoration. We provide free roof inspections, and we guide our clients through the whole process to choose the best decision for them and their situation.

Hail No

Even when the storm ends, the aftermath can paint your bluest skies in the darkest grays. Many homeowners tend to underestimate the damage hail can cause because they don’t see a big hole in the roof. 

In reality, over time, you will slowly see the damage. If it is not corrected quickly, this is how wind and hail damage can progress in 4 steps:

  1. After the storm, shingles can loosen the bond between the asphalt layer and the remaining granules.
  1. Shingles can expand and contract due to the change in temperatures and UV light from the sun rays weeks after the storm.
  1. Months later, shingles can crack due to cold weather, causing small holes that lead to a water leak.
  1. Because of those tiny holes, shingles have become less and less effective to prevent leaks over the years; this can lead to major issues like electrical problems and inventory losses.

Hail Yeah 

Suffering from a storm that brought hail and wind damage is not an easy situation to deal with. Still, there are some ways to prevent (or minimize) the collateral damage, such as:

Good As Hail

Best Roofing and Construction is your best option for roof hail damage solutions; we offer good as hail quality materials, outstanding workmanship, and guarantee customer satisfaction. Best Roofing and Construction has been proudly Grand Rapids’ go-to choice for many years.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact us whenever you need professionals to inspect and repair your roof; our team is committed to providing excellence!