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Residential Roofing Services in Grand Rapids, MI

To business owners in Grand Rapids, MI that needs roofing and outdoor services, Best Roofing and Construction is here to help you! We know that some homeowners do not care about their roofing until they pay attention to leaks, water damage, and other significant problems. For us, roofing is all about function and a great blend looking. 


Our commercial roofing services include cover repairs, installation, maintenance, and replacement of your roof, satisfying all your business necessities and exceeding industry expectations. Consider that your roof must be in good condition to pass inspections and keep all employees and clients safe. 




Services We Provide To Businesses Owners 

We will offer the best solution, and we will exceed your expectations. Find out which are the most common: 


  • Roofing installation: We handle your business’s project from scratch; no matter how difficult it can be, we can do it. We stay up-to-date on code compliance and innovative materials and techniques to guarantee our services and your safety. 
  • Replacement: We inspect and analyze your roof to determine if a complete replacement is needed. If your roof is in need of replacement, then we start removing, inspecting the structures, installing moisture barriers, and placing the material. Then we wrap up ridge, vents, and gutters.
  • Repairs: We address issues with your roof before it is too late! It is important to consider that storms and debris may start damaging your roof. Watermarks, damp patches, or mold can be signs of roofing problems. 

Importance Of Maintaining Quality On Your Commercial Roof 

Have you ever wondered why roofing is so essential in your business’s buildings? Or, have you ever thought about it? A quality roof is a need in your workplace. It serves as a barrier for snow, hail, rain, ice, and debris. Also, it adds value to your properties. Find out quick points that will make you realize the importance of a quality roof. 


  • Protection from outside elements: Crack and weak spots can let water and other elements flow through the indoor places. This can annoy workers and clients, not to mention the wrong impression it can provoke. 


  • Energy: With a quality roof, you will get balanced bills due to proper insulation materials that keep heat out. Your workers and clients will feel comfortable. 

Appearance: Your business should maintain a pleasing appearance, and the roof is part of it because mold, water, or dust on it will make it awful.

Our Services Got You Covered! 

We deliver excellence and professionalism in all our services. Best Roofing and Construction is your best option in commercial roofing services at Grand Rapids, MI for your business properties. We take pride in our work and encourage all possible clients by showing our previous projects and offering a lasting warranty. 


Our Services

Residential Roofing
Your home is your biggest investment; protect it with a high-quality roof. Our Kentwood residential roofing service offers the assistance you need to keep your home at its best.

Commercial Roofing

When clients visit, you want business to be the focus—not your roof. We offer Holland, Michigan businesses commercial roofing services that put the spotlight back where it belongs.
Roof Repair
We like to say that there is no such thing as a small roofing problem; with enough time, even small leaks are big problems. Our Kentwood roof repair service delivers sustainable solutions.

Roof Replacement

Eventually, all roofs will need to be replaced. Our Kentwood roof replacement service makes the process as affordable and convenient as possible.


With the right siding, you can boost your curb appeal, reduce your energy bills, and protect your home. Our Kentwood siding service helps you select the right siding and installs it for you.
For the ideal Kentwood summer, your home needs an outdoor living space. Our deck service can design the ideal spot for relaxing and grilling, increasing the value of your home.


For comfort at home, top-tier windows are essential. Our Kentwood window team helps guide you in your selection and installs the perfect windows for your house.

Best Roofing aims to set the gold standard for exterior services in Kentwood, Michigan. To schedule your service.

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