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Beat The Cold: Techniques For De-Icing Your Roof Before Winter

Winter is a time of magic. Something special about the cold and chill leaves one feeling cozy and content, making it a great season to spend quality time with your loved ones. However, the cold can also do plenty of damage, especially to your roof. Our roofing systems are designed to protect us from the elements, but taking care of them is the homeowner’s responsibility.

When a homeowner de-ices his roof, the last thing he wants to do is cause more damage than necessary. That’s why certain techniques should be avoided when de-icing a roof and other methods should be implemented. This article will discuss what to avoid and how to de-ice your roof safely. Stay tuned!

Practices To Avoid When De-Icing Your Roof

Don’t Put Yourself In Danger

 Don’t attempt to break off large chunks of ice with a hammer or shovel, no matter the height! Keep yourself and others secure by keeping an eye on slippery patches.

Don’t Try Difficult Diy Tasks

When tackling the difficult task of de-icing your roof, it’s important to be careful; don’t make a mistake trying to tackle this project on your own. Let professionals help you to ensure good results and prevent damage.

Don’t Use Chemicals

Chemicals can be detrimental if not used properly or with the right amount of caution, so save yourself time, money, and stress by finding alternate methods.

Don’t Ignore Ice And Snow Buildup

Prevention is the best form of protection when it comes to excess snow and ice on your roof. Failure to clear these accumulations can lead to costly damage over time.

4 Tips To Properly De-Ice Your Roof

Use An Ice Pick

During winter, ice dams can form on your roof. An ice pick is a great tool to take care of them. Still, it is crucial to be extra cautious when using it, use gloves, moderate force, and have someone keeping a watchful eye while standing on a ladder against a solid wall. Reach into problem areas like gutters or downspouts.

Use The Appropriate Chemicals

Always use ice-melting materials that won’t corrode those costly roof shingles. Avoid anything containing calcium or sodium chloride, like the plague. Reach instead for alternatives such as crystal creations of calcium magnesium acetate or ammonium sulfate, which both do their job without risking any long-term damage and provide lasting protection.

Work With A Snow Rake

Snow rakes are specialized tools to tap away excess buildup before it becomes serious trouble. With its help, those dreaded icy dams can be stopped while they’re still small. Snow rakes come in various sizes and shapes to fit different budgets, so choose the right one for your roof.

Spray With Warm Water

Avoid an icy surprise one morning by proactively tackling minor ice buildup on your roof. Carefully fill a spray bottle with warm water and direct it towards daunting patches of frost, melting them away quickly and easily; remember to take precautions.

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